Welcome to Conservatorio di Musica Tito Schipa di Lecce
The Conservatorio di Musica "Tito Schipa” di Lecce, is one of the most important italian music institutes of South Italy;
with more than 500 students, over 75 teachers. It is the South Italy most important university of music. Thanks to its outstanding standard of education it is recognized as one of the most prestigious music institutions in South Italy.
The Conservatorio is part of the AFAM-system (Arts & Music Higher Education System), parallel to University. Access is with a high-school diploma, after audition and some exams.
The Conservatorio offers 32 specialized programs leading to an under- or postgraduate degree.
Located in the southest part of Italy, near very important city like Rome, Bari and Naples (few hours by train) it gives the chance to be in touch both with the artistic and social life of Salento and other Cilento, as well all Puglia and Campania. Lecce is considered the South Italian capital of traditional, classic and ethnic music as well the capital of arts and handcrafts.
Although the number of exchange students is limited, it is a very cool place, considering the increasing number of foreign students who are earning their degree at our Conservatory. 
CalendarAcademic year: Nov. - mid-June.
Winter semester: Nov. 1rd - Feb. 15th
Spring semester: March 1st - June 15th

Exams take place at the end of the two semesters (February and July), and in September.
In October several activities take place such as seminars, master classes and also individual extra-classes.
a) The necessity of comparing with other european countries is a priority because it promotes innovation, social and intellectual mobility, circulation of learning and skills, creation of working expectations and of first employment.
 According to the innovative proposals come from Bologna Declaration of 1999, therefore the Conservatorio di Musica di LECCE aims to concentrate its attention and its energy on students and staff mobility to reach some objectives, such as:
- to study the connections between two realities: on the one hand the curricula and the degrees issued by the school itself till today, on the other hand the degrees and the curricula of european institutions, in order to develop some shared guidelines;
- to study the characteristic musical expressions of other countries both from the ethnomusicological point of view and the compositive one;
- to embark on a research aimed at musicology and at the use of multimedia, on the guidance for insertion in the productive systems, on the comparative innovation of teaching methods; with regard to this objective, in confirmation of the opening to the foreign survey, the Conservatorio di Musica di LECCE activated international experiences by sending abroad some its own teachers and students and by receiving some illustrious guests of most fields;
- to promote musicology studies so that they exploit its substantial research heritage that allowed to arrange some international meetings and to publish several important studies considered and positively reviewed by the main Italian and international musicology reviews, as the Rivista Italiana di Musicologia, Musica, Music and Letters (Oxford University Press), Notes;
- to strengthen the Italian and English language (already present) teachings for incoming foreign students and outgoing ones respectively;
- to foster the development of an European awareness aimed at reciprocal acquaintance, solidarity and cooperation with special attention to the the ambit of music cultures and jobs. 
b) The Conservatorio di Musica di LECCE will provide high visibility and diffusion for Erasmus activities through its website, both in Italian and English language. It will fulfill proper announcements and students' guides. As provided by its Statute, it acknowledges and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and promotes actions to overcome every kind of discrimination, racism and xenophobia; it does its best to remove each obstacle to activities execution and to academic services enjoyment. Actively it promotes equal opportunities for women and men, social and economic cohesion.
The Conservatorio di Musica di LECCE follows:
-all those kinds of cooperation capable of supporting the reciprocal acquaintance and enriching among the cultures;
-the circulation of learning;
-the students and staff exchange with Italian and foreign universities too. It publishes the results of its own research activities by editorial and record collections.
Visiting, scholarship holder and graduated trainee students are equivalent to enrolled ones. The Conservatorio di Musica di LECCE looks after the awareness of studies and courses choosing. It organizes information and guidance activities for outgoing students and it provides tutoring to support bents and integration of visiting students. It supplies suitable informations about the curricula.
The school regulations of Conservatorio di Musica di LECCE comply with the national and European regulations. The teaching activities, tutoring and training ones included, are organized for the students' learning and training demands satisfaction, for the research and the methodological-pedagogical innovation advance.
The Conservatory has adopted the European system of accumulation and transfer of credits. Projects are in the process of being elaborated that will grant attainment of standards and prerequisites for the efficient usage of the system and possible official request of the mark of ECTS; the predisposition, to the exemplified title, to an adequate course catalogue is one of the priorities of the University.  The Conservatory recognizes as well the integration of European Union financing for teachers that participate in the teaching staff of the Erasmus program, referring also to providing the initiatives for international mobility for researchers, to carry out with the utmost attention to opportunities available in Europe and outside.  Informational materials in Italian and English (basic) and in other languages. Qualified personnel in the Student Welcome Office. We are preparing: A website in Italian and English, connected to the strategic plans of the University with a section just for internationalisation (Erasmus and foreigners).
Quality of student placement activities:
What kind of specific measures are implemented to ensure high quality in student placements? Give details on how the work-programme and the placement agreements are prepared and implemented. Please describe the practical arrangements agreed between the parties. Please specify also the monitoring and evaluation of the placement(s) period as well as its recognition in the curriculum.
Regarding outgoing students, before their chosen destination is assigned they must undergo a language exam for the language of their host country or they will have had to already taken a language exam as part of their course of study.
Contact will then be made with the partner institution, so as to set the general rules for the exchange. The teachers will then sign the "Training agreement" before the student leaves, to ensure that there is congruence between the destination and chosen organization on behalf of the student and the experience they are undertaking. Before their departure the student will sign a "Placement Contract" and upon their return it will be edited to "Transcript of work", with an evaluation of their period of time completed abroad. The activity will be monitored while it is being carried out and there will be full recognition of the experience. Upon their re-entry the students will also complete a report about their time spent abroad, as a way to understand if there were problems in a work aspect or also on the organizational side (welcoming, accommodation and so on).
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